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Acrylic Displays

Acrylic Retail Display Cases with Locking Shelves, Displayers, Stands, & Bins
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The Display Case Company carries many styles of acrylic display cases. Accessories include risers, angled shelves, counter trays and rotating towers. Several styles such as t-bars, stacked shelves and slanted displayers show off necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings in their best light.

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Acrylic Counter Display Cases
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Acrylic Earring Display Cases
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Acrylic Necklace Display Cases

What are Acrylic Display Cases?

Acrylic Display Cases are transparent cabinets used to highlight product with minimal visual distraction. Often used to display jewelry, scarves, cosmetics, and other vibrant goods, acrylic display cases can be mounted on a wall, rest on a countertop, or placed as a free standing unit on a floor display.

If you have any questions about our 2014 collection of acrylic showcases and displays give us a call at 1-800-774-7151 or schedule an appointment and we’ll help you select the best option for your needs.

Acrylic vs Glass

When it comes to clear displays there are two leading options, acrylic and glass. How do they compare?




Weight Acrylic is very light relative to glass, providing two distinct advantages. (1) By being lighter, acrylic displays can be placed on countertops or other structures without placing too much strain on them. (2) They are more suitable for mobile or non-permanent displays. Along with the density that helps glass be hard to scratch comes a considerable amount of weight. We recommend that if you're looking for a mobile display case or believe you may your display in the future that you consider an acrylic display - for the sake of your back!
Scratches While not easily scratched, acrylic is definitely more scratchable than glass. However, it is also easier to repair scratches in acrylic with a polishing kit. Glass is very difficult to scratch. Scratches normally only occur when glass comes into contact with a hard object under a lot of pressure. When it comes to repairing scratches on glass however, it is not something that is usually done.
Impact Resistance Acrylic is very impact resistant relative to glass. Note that an impact may still leave scratches though. In the case of a hard impact, glass is prone to breaking or shattering. Still, it does take a significant amount of force to break a glass display!
Strength Acrylic can provide more support than glass at the same width. However, it is interesting to note that seams where displays come together can oftern be weaker acrylic displays than in glass. While able to provide a lot of support, glass will not provide quite as much support as acrylic - due in part to it's rigidity. Again though, the seams where the glass displays come together may be stronger than an acrylic cases so keep in mind what you are displaying!
Clarity Acrylic can provide amazing clarity in much thicker sections than glass. On the downside though, acrylic that is exposed to direct sunlight over the years will yellow and clarity will suffer. While glass may not provide equal clarity in thick pieces, its advantage is that it maintains its clarity over time in the full spectrum of light.
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